You can ask to change part of your job seeker`s agreement, but you need your work coach to accept that. This is the person you meet when you sign up. You can request changes because the agreement was not realistic from the beginning or because of a change in circumstances. For example, if you take care of less than 35 hours per week or if you do not receive the right benefits, you should inform your head of work of your duties of care and request that your commitment be tailored to them. If you don`t feel that your commitment has taken into account your duties of care, seek advice. If your work coach agrees with the change, he updates the job seeker`s agreement, and you will both sign it while you are together. Promptly inform your local employment centre if you are unable to comply with your job seeker`s agreement, also known as a duty of rights. If you do not do so, your job search assistance (JOBseekers Allowance, JSA) can be reduced or stopped, which is called a sanction. DWP has developed a guide for the applicant on the applicant`s obligation and more detailed information for consultants is available in Chapter J1: Decision-Making Advice (WMD). If you have recently received a universal credit, you may not have an obligation to claim. A coach will call you in the next few weeks and arrange you. You must agree on the tasks you must perform in return for a universal credit, the so-called «applicant`s obligation.» You accept this with your work coach during your job interview and sign if you agree. If you haven`t submitted all your evidence or have not accepted your commitment, do so as soon as possible – if you don`t, you may need to re-claim.

It can take up to a week to decide whether the applicant`s obligation is the right one for you. Be sure to tell your work coach in a week what you decide. If you don`t tell them in time, they close your claim. If you have an obligation to claim before the coronavirus, you need to think about whether coronavirus means you should not expect to meet your applicant`s commitment. If this is the case, you should leave a message in your journal requesting that your commitment be verified.