b) Any limited company and other party wishing to merge approve a merger agreement.  The board of directors and members (section 5034) of any company wishing to merge, as well as any other person or, if necessary, any person whose agreement is necessary to amend the statutes of that company by articles or statutes, authorize the merger agreement.  The merger agreement is approved, for the constituent parties, by those authorized or empowered or obliged to authorize the merger under the laws that organize it.  The parties to the merger participate in the concentration agreement and other persons, including a mother party (section 5064.5), may participate in the merger agreement.  The merger agreement states all the following points: 4. If the filing date in that state, as defined in this subdivision, is in foreign jurisdiction more than six months after the effective date of the transaction or if the powers of a missing national company are suspended on the date of effect in the foreign jurisdiction, the merger applies to the domestic company that disappears in that state from the date of notification. (2) If a vote of the members was required in accordance with section 17710.12, a declaration containing the total number of remaining shares of each voting class and the acceptance of the main terms of the merger agreement by the number of votes of interest of each corresponding category or exceeding the required votes; (g) After the necessary authorization of the merger by each constituent company and any other party to the merger, the surviving party presents a copy of the merger agreement with a management deed of each national constituent action. , foreign shares and a foreign economy company indicating the total number of shares outstanding or the membership interest of each class likely to vote on the merger (and with the indication of another person or person whose approval is required) that the merger agreement has been approved by that company in the attached form or its main terms, as required. , by a vote of a certain number of shares or interests of each class that corresponds to or exceeds the required vote, each vote required by each class being indicated, each class required by each class and, if necessary, by another person or person whose approval is required. (c) a merger certificate or merger agreement, as applicable in subdivisions (a) and b), has the effect of filing a certificate of withdrawal for each remaining limited liability company, and no endangered limited liability company is required to take action under Section 7 (from Section 17707.01) regarding the dissolution of the merger. A. Including one and not the two necessary signatures of the executive merger agreement: for each company party to the merger, the merger agreement must be executed and recognized by the (i) chairman of the board of directors, the president or vice-president and (ii) the secretary or assistant secretary of the company. (California Corporations Code («CCC») No.

1102). i) 1. The merger of domestic companies with foreign or foreign companies in a merger involving one or more other companies must respect subdivisions (a) and (g) and this subdivision.